Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs Australia

In reality all work from home jobs online are typing based jobs. Data entry, paid email surveys, building websites etc are all legitimate ways you can work from home typing and making an income in Australia.

Finding legitimate paid survey and data entry jobs can be extremely difficult in Australia and worldwide. The golden rule is if it looks too good to be true it likely is. I would suggest aiming for sites that offer between $15-$30. Yes, I know that it doesn't sound like the millions you're expecting to earn but it is reasonable and if you are already working full time it's a bit of extra cash that you can spend on yourself!

If you're based in Australia and are looking for legitimate work from home typing jobs I would suggest doing the paid surveys and get paid to read emails. In Australia there are 2-3 companies that I've used and unfortunately you'd be lucky to earn $12 - $15 per hour but every cent counts I guess.

I work from home online typing all day long in a support type role and also building hobby websites discussing a topic of my choice. I don't make $100's of thousands per year but I do make a decent amount of money and enough to live off.

The key to effectively work from home is to look for legitimate opportunities, do your research and pick jobs that suit you. Even if the jobs pay higher if you don't enjoy it you won't have the motivation to make the money.

Enjoy making money online!

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